Airtech update his brochure dedicated to the composite market

Airtech, world leader in vacuum accessories and peripherals for the processing of composite materials

Airtech offers the widest and most complete range of vacuum bagging products.
Whether in :

  • vacuum bag,
  • Tear-off tissues,
  • release films,

and all the accessories you will need for the realization of your composite part,…

The Airtech range will meet your expectations.

Airtech has updated its infusion brochure and has selected from its wide range of products to meet all the problems associated with this type of application, as an example:

  • Vacuum bag,
  • Micro-perforated release film,
  • adhesive tape, release films,
  • peel plies, and seals

in order to make a successful infusion whatever the shape, dimensions or complexity of the piece to be made.

References Maximum use Temperature Elongation Tensile strength

Vacuum bag

Airtech Big Blue 120°C 350 % 21 Mpa
Airtech Ipplon KM 1300 212°C 450 % 48 Mpa

Perforated release films

Airtech DAHLAR BAG 125 140°C 400 % 65 Mpa
Wrightlon 3900 157°C 500 % 41 Mpa
References  Maximum use Temperature Carrier type Adhesive Type


Airtech Airhold 10 CBS (white) 60°C Cloth Rubber
Airtech Teflease MG2 (brown) 260°C PTFE Silicone
Airtech Flashbreaker 1 (Blue or orange) 204°C Polyester Silicone
Films Adhésifs Démoulants
Airtech Tooltec A005 (Thickness : 125µm) 204°C PTFE Coated Fibreglass Silicone
Airtech Toolwright 5 (Thickness : 125µm) 260°C Extruded Fluoropolymer Silicone
Airtech Tooltec CS5 (Thickness : 165µm) 260°C PTFE Silicone
References  Maximum use Temperature Fibre type Weight Colour

Peel ply

Airtech Econostich G 190°C Polyester 85 g/m² White / Black Tracer
Airtech Econolease 204°C Nylon silicone coated 61 g/m² Light blue
Airtech Release Ease 234 TFP 288°C PTFE Coated Fibreglass 60 g/m² Brown
References  Maximum use temperature Colour Base material Tack

Sealant Tapes

Airtech cordon butyl Airseal 2 120°C Black Synthetic rubber Good tack
Airtech cordon butyl Airseal 2 super tacky 120°C Black Synthetic rubber High tack
Airtech cordon butyl AT200Y 204°C Yellow Synthetic rubber High tack

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