Anti-Corrosion Dry-Film Coating: Tecnite 3402C

Tecnite 3402-C air-curing dry-film coating provides an excellent combination of corrosion protection and lubrication in an aerosol format.
It is engineered to work at temperatures as low as -200°C (-328°F) and as high as 310°C (590°F).

dry-film lubrication of moving parts during maintenance or repair
running-inof aluminum/steel contacts
corrosion protectionduring storage;
protection of valves , joined metals, bolts, hinges, etc. used in harsh environments, etc.

• Air-curing lubricant;
• Excellent corrosion protection;
 Excellent lubrication even in extreme environments
• Very high load-resistance capacity;
• Temperature range: -200 to +310°C (-328 to +590°F).
• Good wear resistance.

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