Araldite® 2048-1 2-part methacrylate adhesive for stainless steel to stainless steel bonding

Araldite® 2048-1, ideal for bonding stainless steel to stainless steel

The customer :

Pragma-tec is a company specialised in the realisation of installations, whether they are engineering projects, welded steel or stainless steel construction, or the mechanical assembly of production equipment.

The Project :

A 100% made-to-measure staircase concept manufactured in their workshops. To do this, a 3D study was carried out by their team

The design  :

  • Central stringboard: IPN laser welded and sandblasted
  • Steps: brushed stainless steel folded sheets.
  • Railing : brushed stainless steel 304L
  • Safety : treadtex anti-slip sheet

Below is a video of the 100% made-to-measure staircase concept:

Bonding of stainless steel gratings on the steps

Pragma-tec called on our technical expertise to meet their needs: bonding stainless steel gratings to the stainless steel steps to provide an anti-slip surface and guarantee user safety.


Samaro proposed the Araldite® 2048-1, which following trials was validated by the customer.

Benefits of Araldite® 2048-1

  • Two-part methacrylate adhesive requiring little surface preparation
  • Stainless steel / stainless steel compatible
  • Cures at room temperature
  • Flexible

Technical characteristics of Araldite® 2048-1

  • Two component 10:1
  • Epoxy Adhésive
  • Viscosity 30-45 Pa.s
  • Mix ratio 10:1
  • Colour : black
  • Pot Life : 10 min
  • E-modulus 360 N/mm²
  • Elongation at break : 91%
  • Shear strength 24 N/mm²

Araldite® 2048-1 is available :

Download :

More Information :

For more information on Araldite® 2048-1 or the Araldite® product range, please contact our technical department on +33 426 680 680 or
fill in our contact form.

Thanks to Pragma-tec for the permission to use their video.

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