Creation of a New Brochure: the Lighting Selector Guide

The lighting sector is undergoing rapid changes and the use of LEDs in lamps and lighting fixtures is prompting manufacturers to rethink their designs.

LED technology is constantly improving and is opening up a wide field of applications thanks to high-power LEDs that now rival all our old lighting technologies. New constraints in LED technology as well as improvements in LED performance often require materials that are:

  •   Optically transparent;
  •   Able to withstand intense light sources;
  •   Heat stable and able to withstand high operating temperatures;
  •   White and able to reflect light without excessive losses;
  •   Protective for sensitive electronic components;
  •   Thermally conductive for suitable heat dissipation.

As the constraints of lighting fixtures differ with each environment, Samaro and its partners DOW CORNING ELECTRONICSand ELECTROLUBEhave selected a range of product chemistries to help you succeed in your lighting projects:

  •   Outdoor lighting: streets and roads, parks, monuments, buildings, tunnels, traffic safety (signals) and signs.
  •   Indoor lighting: parking garages, indoor facilities, stores, performing arts centers, malls/art galleries schools, hospitals and offices.
  •   Other types of lighting: buses, trains, trucks, telephones, appliances, healthcare and medical devices, communications equipment, signs, billboards.

Capitalizing on these environmental challenges, our range of materials is designed to meet the challenging needs of the LED market, including high adhesion, high purity, moisture resistance, thermal stability and optical transmittance.
Each product range consists of materials that meet the specific needs of LED assemblies:

The Lighting Selector Guideallows you to easily find the right products for your most challenging applications.

Download the Lighting Selector Guidehere.

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