Discover the benefits of DOWSIL™ EI -2888 Silicone Encapsulant Primerless on video

DOWSIL™ EI -2888 Primerless Silicone Encapsulant Kit

Appropriate for the encapsulation of rigid and flexible printed circuit boards for indoor and outdoor LED lighting, explosion-proof and high-protection luminaires as well as outdoor display applications.

Applications :

Outdoor displays
Explosion-proof lighting
Flexible and rigid LED strips

Benefits :

Primerless adhesion with low viscosity inhibition resistance
Room temperature curing with optional heat acceleration
A cost-effective alternative (does not contain platinum like other encapsulants)

Properties :

These values are typical properties and are not intended to be used in the formulation of specifications.

  • Transparent
  • ratio 1:1
  • Viscosity :2 700 mPas
  • Durometer : 60 Shore 00
  • Working Time : 130min
  • Cure Time : 24h at 25°C
  • Light transmission @ 380 nm : 91%
  • Dielectric Strength : 19 KV/mm

Discover the benefits of DOWSIL™ EI-2888Silicone Encapsulant Primerless, an optically transparent silicone that protects LEDs from moisture and surface contamination. The optimal rheological properties of this product allow the use of luminaires of various shapes while providing superior optical performance.

DOWSIL™ EI-2888 can be applied/deposited in a variety of ways, including automatic static or dynamic dosing, manual mixing or with flow, pour or injection dispensing equipment.

The video presents the advantages of DOWSIL™ EI-2888, a primerless silicone encapsulant for the protection of electronic components in lighting and display applications and demonstrates its performance over alternative products.

Dowsil EI-2888 - Kit - Encapsulant silicone sans primaire

More information :

DOWSIL™ EI-2888, Silicone Encapsulating Primerless is available :

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