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DUNA-Corradini produces polyurethane foam in blocks, sheets, special items and liquid systems, as well as polyurethane adhesives and epoxy resins.

DUNA-Corradini has been working in fine chemistry since the establishment of Gustavo Corradini Srl (1957) and have extensive, diversified experience in the manufacturing industry, with a strong inclination towards product research and innovation.

DUNA-Corradini’s polyurethanes and epoxy resins serve industry and industrial applications, to which we devote important resources for the design and continuous enhancement of materials, production processes, machines and plants in order to improve application techniques.

The headquarters of the DUNA-Corradini Group of companies, with an in-house laboratory where we study and develop new products, is located in Soliera, (Modena) Italy.

Les planches DUNA sont des mousses rigides polyuréthanes (PUR) moussées sans CFC ni HCFC.

Corafoam® MD80 density 80kg/m³ dimensions des planches : 2500×1200 épaisseur disponibles : 200mm et 400mm
Corafoam® MD140 density 140kg/m³ dimensions des planches : 2000×1000 épaisseur disponibles : 100mm200mm300mm et 400mm
Corafoam® MD250 density 250kg/m³ dimensions des planches : 2000×1000 épaisseur disponibles : 100mm150mm200mm
Corafoam® MD300 density 300kg/m³ dimensions des planches : 2000×1000 épaisseur disponibles : 100mm200mm

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