KRYTOX – Oxygen lubricants range : Greases and oils for oxygen contact. (BAM and AirLiquide)

Krytox® NRT and Krytox® GPL 226, the range of BAM and AirLiquide certified lubricants.

Samaro with its partner Chemours™ offers you Krytox® products based on fluorocarbon molecules (PFPE) which avoid the risks of explosion caused by contact of oxygen (in liquid or gaseous state) with the hydrocarbon molecules of traditional lubricants.

Although all Krytox® references are compatible with “oxygen” contact, only the Krytox NRT range and the GPL 226 reference have passed BAM (oxygen contact) and Airliquide certifications, which are the reference for this type of application.

Technical benefits of Krytox® products

Krytox™ lubricants have the following properties :

  • Extreme thermal stability, with operating ranges from -75 °C to 350 °C and even 400°C with suitable metals
  • Longer lubricant life
  • Reduced equipment and maintenance failures, resulting in fewer warranty repairs and replacement costs
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance costs leading to increased profits
  • Odourless and colourless
  • Inert, non-toxic and non-flammable.
  • Stable in 100% liquid oxygen (O2) or gaseous environments

Applications for which Oxygen contact lubricants, Krytox® GPL-226 and Krytox® NRT are recognised :

  • Oxygen mask,
  • scuba tank,
  • oxycutter,
  • oxygen valves,
  • cryogenics,
  • Liquid oxygen pump,
  • etc.

Below is a summary table of the BAM and AirLiquide approved Krytox® references :

Reference Krytox® Certifications Certificates to download
BAM AirLiquide BAM AirLiquide
Krytox® NRT 8904 Certificat BAM Krytox NRT 8904
Krytox® NRT 8906 Certificat BAM Krytox NRT 8906
Krytox® NRT 8908 Certificat BAM Krytox NRT 8908
Krytox® GPL 205 Certificat BAM Krytox GPL 205
Krytox® GPL 225 Certificat AirLiquide Krytox GPL 225
Krytox® GPL 226 Certificat BAM Krytox GPL 226 Certificat AirLiquide Krytox GPL 226
Krytox® VPF 1506 Certificat BAM Krytox VPF 1506 Certificat AirLiquide Krytox VPF 1506
Krytox® VPF 1514 Certificat BAM Krytox VPF 1514
Krytox® VPF 1525 Certificat BAM Krytox VPF 1525 Certificat AirLiquide Krytox VPF 1525

More informations :

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