Lighting applications

Revolutionary technological advances have been made in lighting in recent years (LEDs, low-energy bulbs, etc.).
Heat dissipation, clarity, optimization of light flows, efficiency, use of novel materials, aesthetics and outdoor uses are factors that must be taken into consideration when designing today’s lighting systems. The following range of lighting solutions developed by Samaro and Dow Corning optimizes the operation of different lighting systems and is based on several years of feedback in road lighting, outdoor lighting and indoor lighting.

We offer a range of solutions for:

Urban lighting

Assembly of light covers:

  •   Bonding and sealing of PMMA covers to aluminum or painted metal mounts
  •   Bonding and sealing of glass covers to aluminum or painted metal mounts
  •   Bonding and sealing of painted metal covers to aluminum or painted metal mounts

Traffic lights and illuminated signs
LED systems

  •   Coating of electrical circuits to prevent them from moisture and light reflection but leave LEDs visible (PCB undersides) 
  •   Total encapsulation (tops/undersides)
  •   Cooling of LED systems via thermal management 

Protectionof PCBs

  •   Clear coating
  •   Low-viscosity clear coating
  •   Resistance to harsh environments

Indoor lighting
Protection of low-power LEDs

  •   Good adhesion to plastics and controlled curing

for bonding of LED strips to mounts

Assembly of PCBs onto plastic mounts

  •   Neutral silicone with excellent adhesion to plastics

For more information, download our Lighting Selector Guide.

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