Permabond 3D10 et 3D30, new cyanoacrylate infiltrants for 3D printing

Permabond and Samaro expand their range of cyanoacrylate adhesives designed for 3D printing, with the new products Permabond 3D10 and 3D30.

The Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) process is a 3D printing technique that is more and more used for the manufacture of prototypes and 3D objects.

During the process, a roller spreads a uniform layer of powder (eg, polyamide). A 2D pattern is then drawn by a laser, which sinters the powder. Then, a new layer of powder is spread over the entire surface, and layer by layer, the process is repeated until the final piece is obtained. Once the part is completely manufactured, the excess powder is removed to obtain a solid object 3D printed.

The printed parts and prototypes are usually quite fragile and

brittle. A common technique to solidify and make them more rigid is to use an ultra-fluid cyanoacrylate bath (called “infiltrant”) and soak parts. Thanks to its low viscosity, the cyanoacrylate penetrates the pores, hardens the parts and makes them more resistant to shocks. After a few minutes of drying, the printed pieces are dry.

In the case of colored powders, the impregnation will also revive the colors to increase their intensity, and modify the visual appearance of the pieces by giving them a matte or glossy aspect.

Technical and safety data sheets are available here :

  1. 3D30 (Safety data sheet)
  2. 3D10 (Safety data sheet)
  3. 3D90 (Safety data sheet)
Product Speed Surface Color Viscosity
3D30 Ultra-fast cure High Gloss surface Clear 100 mPa.s
3D10 Fast cure Shiny surface Clear 20 mPa.s
3D90 Slow cure Matte surface Clear 4 mPa.s

This new product is available in 500g or 2kg bottles. For any additional information, contact Samaro’s technical department at +33(0)4.26.680.680.

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