ARALDITE AW 4858/HW 4858

SKU: HUAW48500
ARALDITE AW 4858 / HW 4858 is a twocomponent room temperature curing black coloured epoxy adhesive paste of high strength and toughness. Performances can be enhanced by postcuring at elevated temperature. It is suitable for bonding a wide variety of metals, and especially designed for bonding composites
ARALDITE AW 4858 / HW 4858 is black / viscosity : thixotropic / density : 1,1 g/cm3 / lap shear strength : >28 Mpa / Pot Life : 150 min
ARALDITE AW 4858 / HW 4858 has very high lap shear and peel strength, bonds a wide variety of materials (metal, composite and thermoplastics), good moisture resistance, extremly tough and resilient adhesive, long pot life, ideal for large composite part assemblies
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Product's associated market Railway
Young Modulus 1600.0000 MegaPa
Curing Type Room Temperature Curing
Chemistry / Technology Epoxy
Color Black
Hardness Class Very Hard (Shore D56 - D100)
Hardness 75 Dshore
Elongation at break (%) 7.0000
Fixture Time (min) 360.0000 MINUTE
Maximum Gap (mm) 10.0000 MILLIMETER
Markets - Where is used the product ? Railway - Structure
Number of Component Bi Componant / 2 Parts
Price Unit Pieces
Open Time (min) 150.0000 MINUTE
Shear Strength 38.0000 MegaPa
Total Shelf Life 1800 DAY
Maximum temperature (°C) 90 CELSIUS
Minimum temperature (°C) -55 CELSIUS
Tensile Strength 31.0000 MegaPa
Glass transition (Tg) (°C) 56 CELSIUS
Viscosity (25°C) 100000.0000 mPas