Atlac® 580 ACT

Atlac® 580 ACT is especially adapted to meet the requirements of hand lay up and spray up applications. The resin is recommended for the fabrication of chemical resistant equipment and marine applications.
Vinylester / Viscosity : 1000 - 1600 mPa.s / Peak temperature : 125 - 155°C / Gel Time at 25°C : 25,5 - 31,5 min / Tensile E-modulus : 3,55 Gpa / Elongation at break : 4,2 % / HDT : 115 °C / Tensile strength : 83 Mpa.
Atlac® 580 ACT is a pre-accelerated thixotropic, high grade bisphenol A vinyl ester urethane resin. It which combines exceptional chemical resistance and an outstanding combination of heat resistance and flexibility. Furthermore Atlac® 580 ACT has very good handling and curing properties. Atlac® 580 ACT is resistant to many aqueous acidic salts and alkaline solutions. Especially against alkaline media and hot water Atlac® 580 ACT has an outstanding performance.
Dangerous. Observe safety precautions - For professional use only
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Atlac® 580 ACT
210 kg Drum
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Atlac® 580 ACT
25 kg Drum
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Viscosity Class Liquid
Curing Type Room Temperature Curing
Chemistry / Technology Vinyl Ester
Brand DSM
Color Translucent
Elongation at break (%) 4.0000
Multi parts product type Resin
Number of Component Bi Componant / 2 Parts