Synolite™ 8388-P-1

SKU: ER8388P00
Synolite™ 8388-P-1 is a low viscous, pre- accelerated, promoted, thixotropic, medium reactive CPD polyester resin. An LSE system has been incorporated. Synolite™ 8388-P-1 does not contain monomeric amines.
Polyester DCPD / Viscosity : 900 - 1200 mPa.s / Peak temperature : 95 - 125°C / Gel Time at 25°C : 22 - 26 min / Tensile E-modulus : 3,7 Gpa / Elongation at break : 2,2 % / HDT : 85 °C / Tensile strength : 70 Mpa.
Synolite™ 8388-P-1 combines good mechanical properties with optimal process ability. This resin shows very good fiber wetting and impregnation properties. Thick laminates can be made in one go due to the low exothermic heat development, good throughcure and relatively low shrinkage. An optimized LSE system has been developed to get excellent Low Styrene Emission. A color change system is present for the benefit of sprayup applications. Synolite™ 8388-P-1 can be used with powder and emulsion bound mats.
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Brand DSM
Color Translucent
Elongation at break (%) 2.0000
Total Shelf Life 180 DAY