V-DAMP 3680

VDamp® 3680 will dissipate structureborne vibrational energy and reduces radiated airborne noise. It is nontoxic, nonflammable, and odorless and exhibits exceptional aging characteristics. Waterbased and nontoxic, VDamp® 3680 offers an efficient and effective alternative to solventbased sprayable damping products.
Viscosity : Sprayable mastic consistency / Color Light tan / No Smell after drying / Sound Damping Properties per Geiger Thick Plate Test Method. It has a 46.1 decibels per second rating, at 0.5 lbs.(0.23kg), (70 F/21oC) dry per square foot. Sound Damping Properties per Oberst Bar Test Method SAE J-1637. Composite Loss Factor of 0.07 at 200 Hz and 77°F (25°C), V-Damp® to metal ratio of 1:1 (V-Damp® at 32 mils and steel bar at 32 mils) (0.8mm) / Cold adhesion : when V-Damp® 3680 is applied to a 10” (25,4cm) x 10” (25,4cm) x 0.035” (0.1cm) panel of primed cold rolled steel at the rate of 0.5 lbs./sq. ft. 0.021kg/m2)(dry weight), shows no loss of adhesion when subjected to two 25 inch-lb. (63.5cm-kg) impacts from a two inch diameter, 1 ¼ lb.(0.57kg), steel ball at -20°F (-29°C). Fire Retardant - ASTM E-162 “Surface Flammability of Materials Using a Radiant Panel Heat Energy Source.” Test results available upon request / National Bureau of Standards and NFPA 258. Flaming and smoldering tests were conducted in an Aminco NBS Smoke Density hamber, Cat. No. 4-5800. Test results available on request.
V-Damp®3680 is highly effective in reducing vibrational resonance conditions in structures such as sheet metal panels, floor housings, stainless sinks, and a multitude of other applications. Available in 200 L drums and 20 L pails, V-Damp® 3680 can be sprayed or troweled directly from the drum without thinning. During application V-Damp® 3680 cleans up with water. A typical setup to spray V-Damp® 3680 consists of a 50:1 airless pump, a reverse-a-clean airless gun with a tip size of 0.035”, a ram with following plate and a surge suppressor. V-Damp® 3680 exhibits exceptional adhesion to a variety of materials when applied over properly prepared surfaces. V-Damp® 3680 will air dry within 4 to 8 hours at room temperature depending on film builds. The drying time can be accelerated through air movement or oven drying using moderate temperatures.
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V-DAMP 3680
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