Repair of Metal Parts

Devcon epoxy repair systems are the best choice for fast repairs of metal parts. Filled with steel, stainless steel, aluminum or titanium, they are a convenient alternative to welding and the replacement of expensive parts.

Devcon repair epoxies are a low-cost solution for the refurbishment or retrofitting of machines or metal parts.

Devcon repair epoxies are the ideal choice for:

  •   Parts wear from friction,
  •   Wear of shafts and cotter pins,
  •   Holes due to corrosion and abrasion,
  •   Breakage of damaged equipment,
  •   etc.

The Devcon range of repair epoxies:

• Repairs cracks and breaks in equipment, machinery or castings.
• Patches and rebuilds blow holes or pits in castings.
• Rebuilds worn equipment,
pump and valve bodies (prevents cavitation).
• Restores bearing journals and races.

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