Samaro® and DuPont Krytox ™ Have Created a French Brochure Featuring the Entire Range of Krytox ™

This brochure lists the performance characteristics of DuPontTM Krytox® , such as:

  •   Performance under extreme temperatures
  •   Cost effectiveness
  •   High-performance additives
  •   Compatibility with plastics and elastomers
  •   Extreme pressure (EP)

It also lists all the industrial applications for which DuPontTMKrytox® lubricants are used:

  •   Aerospace, aviation, national defense
  •   Automotive (squeak and rattle)
  •   Automotive (mechanical systems)
  •   Chemicals and Petrochemicals
  •   Corrugating
  •   Electronics/Semiconductors
  •   Food processing
  •   Medical industry equipment applications
  •   Metal processing
  •   Oxygen and reactive gas service
  •   Power generation
  •   Pulp and paper
  •   Textiles
  •   Tire molds

Lastly, the DuPont Krytox®lubricants brochure is very helpful in determining the right type of lubricant for ball bearings.

Download the DuPontTM Krytox® lubricants brochure.

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