Samaro and ITW Devcon Launch DFense Blok!

DFense BlokTM is ideal for equipment used in sectors such as mining and quarrying.

 Dfense BlokTM is a new, innovative range of products specially formulated and engineered to outlast traditional epoxy-based wear- and abrasion-resistant systems.

The products in DFense BlokTM range are ideal for:

  •   Repairing scrubbers, pipe elbows, separators, chutes, bins and hoppers.
  •   Protecting fan blades, auger conveyors and worm-screw conveyors.
  •   Patching surfacing holes, leaks and cracks in all types of process equipment.

The range consists of four products:

  1. Superior abrasion resistance
  2. Able to withstand high impact forces
  3. Non-sagging
  1. A faster curing version of DFense Blok
  2. Gets equipment back in service in 2 hours.
  1. Zero wait time before applying DFense Blok.
  2. Allows superior adhesion to vertical surfaces.
  3. Orange color for easy visual inspection.
  1. The only ceramic bead-filled wear and abrasion epoxy formulated for emergency repairs
  2. Eliminates downtime with the exceptional fast cure – 30-minute handling time.

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