Samaro will be at the JEC World 2017 to Paris, march 14,15,16, Booth 6K79


Samaro representing the leading brands (Huntsman, Airtech, Honey Wax, Kantstik, Ren Gel, RenLam, RenCast, RenShape, Duna Coradini, 3D-Core) will be pleased to meet you at booth 6k79 from march 14,15,16 at the Exhibition Center in Paris.

Our specialists team’s is waiting for you to introduce the latest partners innovations.

Samaro has expertise in reinforcements (fibers, fabrics and non-woven), laminate resins, core materials and adhesives that enable it to co-develop technical solutions necessary for the design of optimized composite materials.

The gelcoats and vacuum bagging are the logical complements of our offer

More information:

Araldite-Guide de sélection composite (english version)              

Guide de sélection Composite Guide technique Matériaux d'âme alvéolaire 3D-Core
Araldite – Guide
de sélection Composite
(English Version)
Samaro – Guide
de sélection Composite
3D-Core – Guide 
technique Matériaux 
d’âme alvéolaire

Samaro participe au JEC

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