Silicone transformer liquid

Xiameter PMX 561, formerly known as Dow Corning 561 is a liquid of choice for electrical transformers.

It is used to cool and insulate transformers and other electrical equipment.

One of the main advantages silicone liquids have over mineral-based liquids (Class K liquids) is their higher fire point and slower heat release rate(railway transformers for entry in tunnels).

Main features:

– Meets the following standards:

  •   International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 836 “Specifications for silicone liquid for electrical purposes” (Silicone Type T-1)”.
  •   ASTM D 4652-92: “Silicone fluids for electrical insulation “
  •   IEC 1100: “Classification of insulating liquids according to fire point and net calorific value” (Class K3). PMX 561 transformer liquid has a fire point exceeding the requirements of these documents and is within the IEC 1100 class with lowest net calorific value (heat of combustion).

– Environmentally safe
– Non-halogenated
– Compatible with a wide range of solid electrical insulating materials
– Contains no additives
– Essentially non-toxic
– High thermal stabilityand oxidation resistance
– Higher fire point (open cup, 370°C [698°F] and lower heat release rate than other types of Class K insulating liquids
– Good electrical properties and operating capabilities across a wide temperature range. Designed to operate at high or very low temperatures.
– Non-sludging

For more information:

Lubrication and Industrial Maintenance Selector Guide.

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