Solvent-Free Contact Adhesive: Merbenit MS Contact Adhesive

Is there a bonding technique that is environmentally responsible yet maintains productivity levels?


Samaro and its partner Merbenit have launched an innovative new MSP adhesive that does away with solvent-based contact adhesives.


Neoprene adhesives consist of 20-30% dry matter (active ingredient) and 70-80% solvents (VOCs). The MSP contact adhesive offered by Samaro and Merbenit provides the same mechanical performance as neoprene adhesives but with 100% active ingredient and without the need for double bonding and solvent evaporation times (drying time).


It makes bonding much easier and better for worker health.

A: Dispense the adhesive

B: Spread across the entire surface in a thin layer

C: Immediately apply the foam

D: Press


Properties of Merbenit Ms Contact Adhesive:


  •   Solvent free and VOC free
  •   Self-leveling, may be applied with a brush, spatula or spray gun (bead or spray)
  •   Suitable for strip or full-surface bonding
  •   Skin over time: 5 minutes
  •   Tensile strength: 2.8 MPa
  •   Elongation at break: 200%
  •   Temperature resistance (°C/°F): -40 to +90°C (-40 to 194°F)
  •   Available in 600 ml sausages or bulk.

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