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Duplicate a part, a model, an object in 3D printing thanks to the vacuum casting process.

The vacuum casting process allows, thanks to a molding silicone type SILASTIC™ RTV-4234-T4, to duplicate a part, a model, an object in 3D printing in a material, most often polyurethane, simulating all types of materials: ABS, PP, PE/HD, PC, PMMA, Rubber; EPDM …

This technology has developed enormously since the 1990s with the arrival of new 3D printing or additive manufacturing technologies. These include: Stereolithography, polyjet, powder sintering, wire deposition (FDM), etc

Vacuum casting offers a complementary solution to additive production.

It offers a wider range of materials, enables

  1. The manufacture of small quality series (less expensive than 3D printing)
  2. Finishing on a single piece before duplicating it (saving time in finishing).
  3. Duplication in materials close to the most common plastics (ABS, PP, PE/HD, PC, PMMA, Rubber, EPDM…).

With products such as Synthene’s PR7 Series, which are very gentle on the moulds, it is possible to carry out a large number of castings in a single silicone mould.

Thanks to the properties of silicone (self-demoulding, high elasticity, temperature resistance, transparency, easy cutting, very high reproducibility, etc.), this duplication process in silicone moulds makes it possible to overcome some of the constraints imposed by a rigid mould: management of undercuts, pollution due to the mould release agent, surface appearance, parting line cutting, post-curing of the resins in the mould, etc.


Vacuum casting process :

The vacuum bagging process is described in detail, step by step in the video below:

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