Valves and Taps

Valves and taps are devices used to close and regulate the flow of

liquids, gases, powders or multiphase fluids in open channels (canal) or closed channels

(pipes). These devices are used primarily in industrial applications requiring the conveyance of liquids and gases.

Water treatment, energy, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, food processing, cement making, and iron and steel fabrication are just a few examples.

Because each of these industrial sectors operates in very different regulatory environments, there are many different types of valve and tap certifications (BAM for oxygen, ACS and NSF for drinking water, etc). We have therefore selected, with our long-standing partner manufacturers, a range of products that meet the valve types, applications and standards required by these markets. These products are suited to the manufacture and installation of valves on various networks.


The Range of Lubrication/Maintenance  and Bonding/Sealing Solutions consists of products that optimize the operation of industrial valves and taps. They have been specially selected by Samaro and its partners based on several years of feedback.

Our Selector Guide of Solutions for Industrial Valves and Taps lists the applications related to the manufacture and installation (assembly and connection) of valves and taps.

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