Which products to use for the protection of electronic devices?

Partner of Dow®, Electrolube® and Araldite® for electrical & electronic protection products in France.

Samaro® offers you in the new version of its guide dedicated to electrical and electronic protection a selection of products adapted to your most severe applications.

This selection guide for products dedicated to electrical and electronic protection aims to guide you towards solutions already proven in the industry. As each application is different, we advise you, in case of doubt, to contact us, so that our technical experts can provide you with the support adapted to the requirements of your application.

Electrical and electronic protection

Electrical and electronic protection
For the application of coatings or encapsulants, Samaro® also works with partners who have industrial solutions adapted to your processes. In order to assure the durability of the performances, Samaro® has a range of products adapted to the environmental constraints.

As the electrical performance of electronic boards is constantly evolving, the main protection constraints are :

  • Atmospheric humidity causing corrosion
  • electrostatic dust attraction
  • shocks
  • saline environment
  • heat …

There are several levels of protection linked to the applications, allowing to respond efficiently to the specifications

What’s new in this new version:

A focus on the UL94 standard

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UL94 Standard One of the most recognised test standards is UL94; Standard for flammability of plastic materials used in various equipment and applications.
Manufacturers are increasingly choosing adhesives with a UL94 classification. Flame retardant adhesives can help extinguish flames and slow the spread of flame.
of a fire. Flame retardant adhesives can be used to encapsulate electronic products, coat and assemble composite panels and accessories in aircraft and other transport.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Underwriters Laboratories logo"HB: Slow combustion in a horizontal sample. Combustion speed <76mm / min for a thickness <3mm where combustion stops before 100mm.
Combustion (vertical) stops after 30 seconds and any drip can be hot.
Combustion (vertical) stops after 30 seconds and drips are allowed but must not be burned.
Combustion (vertical) stops after 10 seconds and drips are allowed but must not be burned.
(vertical plate sample) combustion stops after 60 seconds, does not drip, the plate sample may develop a hole. 5VA: (vertical plate sample) combustion stops after 60 seconds. It does not drip and the sample plate should not form a hole.

New layout of our tables, highlighting product registrations.

The new tables have the benefit of being easier to read than the previous versions:

  • New column dedicated to registrations,
  • New “Temperature” pictogram
  • Highlighting of the criteria that help in the selection of the product (here the viscosity)

New visuals to illustrate Shore hardness equivalence

More information ?

Need information about Electric, electronic protection ? Contact our technical department at +33 426 680 680 or fill in our contact form.

Samaro invites you to explore the new version of the guide dedicated to electrical and electronic protection :

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