High performance Permabond adhesives now available in convenient dual syringe packaging

Our partner Permabond is pleased to announce the launch of its new convenient range of double syringes. A variety of high performance technical adhesives are now available in this simple to use, hassle free packaging. There is no need to use a dispensing gun or to manually dose and mix the product. Simply attach the nozzle, press the plunger and go!


Summary of the new Permabond double syringe adhesive range


Permabond ET500 : A clear, 3-5 minute curing gel epoxy adhesive, one of the basic items in the technicians toolbox. Ideal for general purpose applications, it bonds a wide variety of materials including metals, plastics, composites, wood, ceramics and many other substrates.


Permabond TA4204 : This adhesive has an ultra-fast cure and sets in less than two minutes. It can be used with or without a mixing nozzle* and gives an ultra-clear, aesthetically pleasing finish. This makes it ideal for use on clear plastics such as acrylic and polycarbonate (or branded materials such as Plexiglas, Perspex etc). It also forms a strong structural bond with metal and composite materials – it’s not just about looks, this adhesive has muscle too!

*Bead on bead – suitable where components are in close contact, i.e. no gaps.


Permabond TA4207 : This product is a lazy engineer’s dream. There is no need to search for a dispensing gun and you can also reduce the time and effort of surface preparation. This product is tolerant of oily surfaces and is able to “eat” oxide layers and form a high performance structural bond with the underlying base metal. This breakthrough in adhesive technology saves time on production lines and reduces the need for solvent-based cleaners in the workplace. TA4207 can also be used to bond almost any surface, with the exception of low surface energy plastics.


Permabond TA4611 : is for low surface energy plastics and can bond almost anything. This product is ideal for applications where the type of plastic to be bonded is unknown, or indeed any other type of material. This product has huge benefits for customers as previously non-bonded plastics can now be bonded quickly and easily, without the need for flame, corona or plasma treatment, which can be quite expensive, and without the need for an etching solution, which is a huge benefit to REACH.


Permabond TA4631 : If you don’t like the smell of TA4611, look no further than TA4631. Its odourless formulation makes it ideal for workplaces where ventilation is difficult or where there is concern about residual odour on a bonded assembly, for example in automotive interior applications.


In the video below Permabond shows examples of applications for this new packaging:


Permabond - Range of adhesives available in double syringes
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