MOLYKOTE® P-3700 Anti-Seize Paste: An Advanced Technical Solution for Threaded Connections Exposed to High Temperatures

In industrial applications subjected to high temperatures, such as turbines and turbocompressors, ensuring that threaded connections remain lubricated to prevent seizing and ensure proper tightening is essential. This is where MOLYKOTE® P-3700 Anti-Seize Paste comes into play. With its advanced technical properties and significant advantages, this solution meets the specific needs of the market.

Controlled Friction and Easy Loosening


MOLYKOTE® P-3700 Anti-Seize Paste provides controlled friction during the assembly of threaded connections, allowing for precise tension. Additionally, it facilitates easy loosening of connections after prolonged exposure to high temperatures. This is particularly important in industrial environments where regular maintenance is required.



Environmentally Friendly and Health-Conscious


Another essential advantage of MOLYKOTE® P-3700 is its environmental friendliness and health-conscious formulation. It does not require any hazard labeling or precautionary statements, making it a safe option to use. Moreover, this anti-seize paste does not contain intentional ingredients based on calcium, significantly reducing the formation of hazardous hexavalent chromium when used at temperatures above 300 °C on high-chrome alloys.

MOLYKOTE® P-3700 Anti-Seize Paste also stands out for its exceptional composition. As an extremely pure graphite-based assembly and mounting paste, it is free from lead, nickel, sulfur, chlorine, and fluorine, making it an environmentally friendly option. This specific formulation ensures high load-carrying capacity, enabling its use in demanding applications involving substantial forces.

Wide Temperature Range and Superior Performance


MOLYKOTE® P-3700 offers an extended service temperature range, from -30 °C to 900 °C. It maintains its functional anti-seizing property up to 900 °C, although tests at higher temperatures have not been conducted. Additionally, this anti-seize paste exhibits excellent heat resistance, making it ideal for gas and steam turbines, as well as turbocompressors. It also provides high load-carrying capacity, as demonstrated by the 4-ball test with a load of approximately 3000 N.


Durability and Safety


Durability is a crucial criterion when choosing a technical solution. MOLYKOTE® P-3700 offers long-lasting performance over decades, reducing the need for frequent maintenance in high-temperature environments and minimizing material usage and waste. Furthermore, this anti-seize paste has a highly favorable environmental, health, and safety (EHS) profile, with no hazard pictograms, while delivering high performance in extreme conditions.

MOLYKOTE® P-3700 Anti-Seize Paste stands out as an advanced technical solution for applications requiring effective lubrication of threaded connections exposed to high temperatures. With its controlled friction during assembly, ability to facilitate loosening after prolonged exposure to high temperatures, and its environmental and health considerations, this anti-seize paste meets the needs of the current market.

By offering a wide service temperature range, excellent heat resistance, and high load-carrying capacity, MOLYKOTE® P-3700 ensures reliable and safe operation of gas and steam turbines, as well as turbocompressors. Additionally, its long-term durability reduces maintenance requirements and minimizes material usage, contributing to a more environmentally conscious approach.


In summary


MOLYKOTE® P-3700 Anti-Seize Paste offers more than just anti-seizing properties. With its pure graphite-based composition free from harmful substances, high load-carrying capacity, resistance to high temperatures, prevention of stress cracking and intergranular embrittlement, corrosion protection, and low dispersion of tightening forces, it represents an advanced technical solution for demanding applications.

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With its global availability and dedicated technical support, it's easy to learn more about MOLYKOTE® P-3700 or the full range of MOLYKOTE® products. Feel free to contact our technical team at +33 426 680 680 or fill out our contact form for additional information. Trust MOLYKOTE® P-3700 to ensure optimal lubrication and exceptional performance in high-temperature environments.

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