Araldite® 2015-1, Araldite® 2051 and Araldite® 2023, three new references adapted to the needs of the marine industry

Structural bonding : new structural adhesives for marine industry

In marine construction, assembling structural elements of the boat together is essential. The use of structural adhesives ensures the durability of the joints,
where reliability and resistance to mechanical stresses of bonded connections are crucial.

Structural bonding offers a real advantage over mechanical fasteners and composite lamination in the marine industry : it often allows assemblies to be carried
out more quickly, and to reduce labor costs. The most difficult part is to choose the most suitable adhesive, which offers the right balance between mechanical
resistance, flexibility and ease of process.

For more than 70 years, Huntsman has been a major actor in industrial adhesives, and has developed innovative and reliable solutions. Araldite adhesives for
the marine industry have been specially designed for the construction of boats, whether commercial vessels, pleasure yachts or racing boats, while trying to
improve process efficiency, and to reduce time and costs.

Three new Araldite adhesives are particularly suitable for this kind of application:

Araldite® 2023 : long time open MMA adhesives for complex assemblies

  • Exists in 3 versions: open time of 10/30/60 minutes
  • Extremely flexible to resist shocks, vibrations, dynamic loads
  • Pasty product for filling large gaps (up to 30mm) or vertical applications
  • UV stable (no yellowing in the sun)
  • Pending for Lloyd’s Register (LR) approval
  • Technical data sheet
Araldite 2051® : two-component MMA adhesive for emergency repairs

  • Ultra-fast polymerization for small repairs
  • Excellent adhesion on most substrates, even without surface preparation
  • Can be applied even in very cold conditions (up to 0°C)
  • Can be applied underwater (including seawater)
  • Technical data sheet
Araldite 2015-1® : two-component epoxy adhesive for all structural assemblies


  • Resistant to dynamic loads
  • High stiffness
  • Excellent mechanical properties on metals and composite
  • Lloyd’s Register (LR) approved
  • Excellent resistance to marine environments
  • Pasty, non-sagging product, with an 45 minutes open time
  • Technical data sheet

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