Araldite 2019: the best product for bonding carbon bikes

Araldite 2019 structural Adhesive, formerly known as Araldite AW4859 / HW4958, is a high performance two-component epoxy adhesive that is particularly effective for bonding epoxy / carbon fiber composite parts.

Thanks to its excellent mechanical strength (up to 33 MPa in shear strength and 40 MPa in tensile strength), its resistance to shocks and vibrations (5% elongation at break, Young’s modulus 1.5 GPa) and its resistance to high temperatures (up to 140 ° C), the Araldite® 2019 is the “top of the range” product for all technical applications, such as the assembly of carbon fiber parts.

Thanks to these properties, Araldite® 2019 is used by several manufacturers of carbon bikes, for applications requiring high technicality (frame or wheel bonding). The weight of a bike being an essential parameter for racing bikes, for example, the low density of this structural adhesive (about 1.1) also allows the structure to be lightened.

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The 2019 Araldite is part of the Core Range Araldite®, a range of 9 products able to cover 80% of your structural bonding needs

Please see below for our nine adhesives capable of covering 80% of your bonding needs.


     Two-part epoxy adhesive           Two-part acrylic adhesive Two-part polyurethane adhesive
  • Araldite® 2011 – The Standard One
    Fluid, with long open time
  • Araldite® 2012 – The Fast One
    Fluid, with fast curing
  • Araldite® 2014-2 – The Resistant One
    Excellent environmental,
    chemical and thermal resistance
  • Araldite® 2015-1 – The Versatile One
    Resistant to dynamic loads, suitable for composite bonding
  • Araldite® 2019 – The Top One
    (AW 4859 / HW 4859)
    High mechanical properties, resistant to 140°C and suitable for composite bonding
  • Araldite® 2031-1 – The Exterior One
    Resistant to outdoor conditions, suitable for composite bonding
  • Araldite® 2051 – The Extreme One
    Ultra-fast curing, for applications
    in extreme conditions (under water, low temperatures)
  • Araldite® 2053-15 – The Flexible One
    Fast curing, flexible for shock resistance

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In this table you can identify the right product with the materials to be assembled, the maximum operating temperature and the service life required:

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