ARALDITE® 2050 PL metal adhesive, the professional choice for structural bonding in extreme conditions

To bond metal in the best possible way, it is crucial to carefully prepare the surface of the materials to be joined before any application.

To meet this need, Samaro and its partner Socomore recommend the use of Diestone DLS. It is a chlorinated hydrocarbon-free cleaner and degreaser that evaporates quickly, providing ideal surface preparation for effective metal bonding.

In the industrial field of metal bonding, the constant search for effective and reliable solutions is essential to ensure the quality and durability of assemblies. Among the many options available, ARALDITE® 2050 PL stands out as a leading choice, offering a unique combination of benefits that meet the most stringent requirements of professionals.


Advantages of ARALDITE® 2050 PL:


  • Ultra-fast setting: One of the main competitive advantages of ARALDITE® 2050 PL is its rapid setting time of just 6 minutes. This speeds up production processes and minimises waiting times, resulting in increased operational efficiency.


  • Emergency repairs: Thanks to its ultra-fast setting, ARALDITE® 2050 PL is ideal for emergency repair situations where time is of the essence. It quickly restores the integrity of metal assemblies, minimising downtime and production losses.


  • Underwater use: ARALDITE® 2050 PL is capable of curing even underwater, including in corrosive environments such as seawater. This unique feature greatly expands application possibilities, allowing bonding in extreme conditions where other adhesives would fail.


Bonding dissimilar metals with ARALDITE® 2050 PL :


ARALDITE® 2050 PL offers excellent adhesion to a wide range of metals including :

  • Steel,
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Galvanised steel
  • Copper
  • Brass,

This broad compatibility with different metals makes ARALDITE® 2050 PL a relevant choice for metal bonding.

Applications for ARALDITE® 2050 PL in various industrial sectors:


  • Railway sector: In the railway industry, where reliability and safety are essential, ARALDITE® 2050 PL stands out thanks to its EN45545-2 approval in compliance with HL3, Class R1 and R7 requirements.
    It is widely used for structural assemblies and rapid repairs on trains and railway infrastructure.


  • Maritime sector: In the maritime sector, where environmental conditions are particularly severe, ARALDITE® 2050 PL offers a robust solution for underwater bonding, boat hull repair and other critical marine applications thanks to its underwater (including seawater) curing.


  • Wind power: In the wind power industry, ARALDITE® 2050 PL is used for bonding turbine blades, offering exceptional adhesion and resistance to the vibration and mechanical stresses associated with this demanding application.


  • Aerospace: In the aerospace industry, where light weight and strength are imperatives, ARALDITE® 2050 PL is used for structural assemblies and aircraft repair, offering exceptional performance under rigorous aerospace conditions.

Curing conditions and application techniques:


The strength and durability of a bonded joint depends on appropriate pre-treatment of the surfaces to be bonded. However, methacrylate adhesives such as ARALDITE® 2050 PL can be used effectively with little surface preparation. The strongest, most durable joints are obtained either by mechanical abrasion or by chemical etching (“pickling“) of the metals to be bonded.


  • Application temperature: the recommended application temperature range is -20°C to 25°C. If the adhesive is used at a temperature above 25°C, it will be difficult to obtain good wetting of the substrate.
    Above 25°C and depending on your application, Araldite® 2051 may be a reference to consult.


  • Thixotropic viscosity: a viscosity suitable for bonding applications even on vertical surfaces, ensuring uniform distribution of the material and maximum adhesion.


  • Curing at room temperature: This feature allows practical use without the need for special heating equipment, simplifying manufacturing processes and reducing costs.


  • 1:1 mix ratio: ARALDITE® 2050 PL’s simple, balanced mix ensures consistent, reliable performance every time.


  • Pot-life of 1 to 2 minutes (RT): Although a short pot-life requires precise planning, it offers the advantage of rapid curing, speeding up production cycles.


  • Handling time of 9 minutes (RT): This handling time provides a sufficient window for assembly and adjustment of parts before final curing. The metals to be bonded must be properly adjusted and held in place to ensure optimum results.


In conclusion, ARALDITE® 2050 PL has established itself as an essential solution for industrial metal bonding, offering ultra-fast setting, excellent reliability and proven versatility in a variety of industrial environments and applications. Its adoption allows professionals to tackle the most complex challenges with confidence, while improving the efficiency and quality of production processes.

Need equipment?


Samaro has you covered!

Here is a selection of equipment to meet the needs of the ARALDITE® 2050 mentioned in this article:




Maximum thrust

Trigger ratio

Product viscosity


VBM MR 400
Supplied with piston kit to suit ratio (1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 10:1)
400 ml
4,5 kN 25:1 Medium to high 1760 g
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