Araldite 2052-1 and Merbenit PC200 : two adhesives that are resistant to powder coating

Araldite® 2052-1 methyl methacrylate adhesives and Merbenit PC200 MS Polymer sealant resist the high temperatures associated with the powder coating process

What is the powder coating process?

Powder coating, also known as electrostatic spraying or electrostatic powder coating, is a painting process on metals which consists of the application of a polyester or epoxy coating by electrostatic powder coating. The fully coated parts are then put into a high temperature oven (e.g. 30 minutes at 200°C), which allows the powder to melt and polymerise. The benefit of this process is the absence of solvent, which is of interest for the health of the operator.

Before the powder coating process, the parts must be assembled or sealed

Conventional sealants and adhesives (methyl methacrylatepolyurethane and MSP adhesives) usually do not stand up well to this high temperature environment: reduction in mechanical properties, loss of flexibility, surface deterioration, “bubbling” or even decomposition of the adhesive. Silicone sealants are resistant to high temperatures, but they are not paintable.

To overcome this problem, Huntsman has developed a structural adhesive: Araldite® 2052-1 and Mertz+Benteli offers a new MSP, Merbenit PC200, which is specially designed to withstand the temperature stresses of powder coating processes.

Structural bonding before powder coating process

Araldite® 2052-1 is a reinforced two-part methacrylate adhesive requiring minimal surface treatment and resistant to high temperatures up to 140°C continuously.

Technical features and benefits :

  • Two part ratio 10:1
  • Pot life 15 min
  • Handling time 20 min
  • Minimum surface treatment
  • Max. temperature 140°C continuous
  • Paintable

To apply Araldite® 2052-1, we offer you the manual gun PC COX VBM MR200. High power (25:1 trigger ratio), ideal where there is no access to compressed air.

Sealing before powder coating

MERBENIT PC200 can withstand a two hour oven treatment at 200°C (or 20 minutes at 240°C) without altering its properties (tensile strength, elongation at break, Young’s modulus, etc.).

Technical features and benefits :

  • One-part
  • Handling time 8 min
  • Temperature resistant 200°C for 2 h
  • Paintable

To dispense the Merbenit PC200, we offer the PC COX Midiflow nd the pneumatic PC COX Airflow III.

Additional products :

AIRTECH TEFLEASE MG2 - 5" Rouleau : 12,5cm x 33mIt is often used in the powder coating process, masking tapes.

Adhesive tape TEFLEASE MG2 can withstand temperatures up to 260°C. It consists of a PTFE TEFLEASE MG2 film, which provides a permanent release surface.

More information

You want more information about Merbenit range or on structural adhesives Araldite®? Contact our technical services by phone to +33 426 680 680 or fill our contact form.

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