ARALDITE® 2053: The methacrylate adhesive for reliable, durable industrial joints

To ensure optimum bonding, it is crucial to meticulously treat the surface of the materials to be assembled before any application.

With this in mind, Samaro and its partner Socomore recommend the use of Diestone DLS. It is a fast-evaporating, chlorinated hydrocarbon-free solvent-based cleaner, degreaser, providing excellent surface preparation for effective bonding.

In industry, the choice of adhesive for bonding plastics, composites and metals is crucial to ensure reliable and durable assemblies. Among the many options available on the market, ARALDITE® 2053 stands out as a high-performance solution, specially designed to meet the most stringent requirements of the rail, marine and wind energy sectors. With its unique properties such as increased flexibility, resistance to dynamic stresses and durability against ageing and weathering, ARALDITE® 2053 offers significant advantages over other adhesives traditionally used.
In this article, we explore in detail the features and benefits of ARALDITE® 2053, as well as its applications in these key industry sectors.


Benefits of ARALDITE® 2053 :


  • Increased flexibility: ARALDITE® 2053 offers excellent flexibility, making it ideal for assemblies subject to dynamic stress and vibration.


  • Resistance to dynamic stresses: This adhesive is specially formulated to resist cyclic loading, ensuring robust, durable assemblies under rigorous operating conditions.


  • Durability against ageing and weathering: Thanks to its advanced formulation, ARALDITE® 2053 maintains its mechanical and adhesive properties even after prolonged exposure to UV light, humidity and extreme temperatures.


  • EN45545-2 R1, R7 HL3 approved: Complying with the most stringent rail industry standards, ARALDITE® 2053 is approved for use in critical applications requiring fire resistance and low toxicity.


  • Elongation at break properties: With excellent elongation at break, this adhesive can absorb the expansion and contraction stresses of the materials being joined without compromising the integrity of the joint.

Bonding various materials with ARALDITE® 2053 :



ARALDITE® 2053 is ideal for bonding metals such as aluminium, steel and titanium, offering exceptional adhesion and resistance to high mechanical stress.



Thanks to its flexibility and resistance to dynamic stresses, this adhesive is perfectly suited to bonding engineering plastics such as PVC, polycarbonate and nylon.



For applications involving fibre-reinforced composites, ARALDITE® 2053 offers exceptional adhesion and resistance to shear stress, ensuring strong, durable joints.


Applications for ARALDITE® 2053 in various industrial sectors:



In the rail industry, ARALDITE® 2053 is widely used for the assembly of interior and exterior structures, seats and electrical components, thanks to its compliance with EN45545-2 R1, R7 HL3 standards and its resistance to vibration and impact.



On ships and offshore platforms, this adhesive is used for bonding hulls, decks and composite structures, offering exceptional resistance to seawater, UV and extreme temperatures.



In the wind industry, ARALDITE® 2053 is essential for the assembly of blades, nacelles and towers, offering superior resistance to fatigue stresses and aerodynamic forces.

Curing conditions and application techniques :


ARALDITE® 2053 is a two-component adhesive with a mixing ratio of 10:1, ensuring easy and accurate preparation. Its pasty consistency allows for even application, while its room temperature cure eliminates the need for specialist heating devices, simplifying the assembly process. With a pot-life of 15 minutes and a handling time of 25 minutes, operators have plenty of room to adjust and position parts before the adhesive fully cures.


In conclusion, ARALDITE® 2053 stands out as a high performance methacrylate adhesive, offering a unique combination of flexibility, resistance to dynamic stresses and durability against ageing and weathering. With its many applications in the rail, marine and wind energy sectors, this adhesive has become a preferred choice for industry professionals looking for reliable and durable assembly solutions.

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