Araldite® 2080 and Araldite® 2081 the new low odor structural acrylic adhesives, EN45545-2 registered.

Araldite® 2080 (Araldite®2080-05 et Araldite®2080-15) and Araldite® 2081-10 are the new low odor structural acrylic adhesives designed to optimize bonding in tight spaces.

In addition to being easier to use, Araldite® 2080 and Araldite® 2081 are EN45545-2 registered, making them the ideal choice for interior and exterior train assemblies.

Araldite® 2080 and Araldite® 2081 are Huntsman Araldite®’s new low odor, non-flammable adhesives that are certified to EN 45545-2 railway standards. These fast curing two component acrylic adhesives are suitable for bonding a wide variety of plastics and other substrates, with the exception of polyolefins and low surface energy materials.

Discover in this video, all the advantages of Araldite® 2080 and Araldite® 2081 structural acrylic adhesives:

A new low odor adhesive


Araldite® 2081 has high strength, good flexibility and low odor. This multi-purpose adhesive has an open time of 10 minutes for fast assembly operations on a wide range of substrates.


Its main features are as follows:


  • It is a low odor adhesive.
  • It is non-flammable and has low toxicity.
  • It has strong adhesion to various plastics, compounds and metals.
  • Fast curing.
  • Its opening time is 10 minutes.
  • A wider range of acrylic adhesives


Thus, Araldite® 2081 expands the Huntsman™ acrylic adhesive line. Indeed, like Araldite® 2081, Araldite® 2080 is also a primerless, non-flammable, low-odor structural acrylic adhesive with exceptional bond strength and fast reactivity times.


Both adhesives solve many of the common problems manufacturers have faced when using methyl methacrylate (MMA), polyurethane (PU) and other traditional adhesive products. These include unpleasant odor, flammability issues, high toxicity profiles and increased surface preparation times, all of which can contribute to increased costs and decreased productivity. In addition, toxicity and odor can also affect worker health and well-being.


Railway regulations


With this new registration, Huntsman™ Advanced Materials offers up to ten Araldite® adhesives that comply with the requirements of the EN 45545-2 railroad fire protection regulation, requirement HL3, class R1 and R7 :

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Need more information on Araldite® 2080 and Araldite® 2081 acrylic adhesives or on the EN45545-2 standard, please contact our technical department at +33 426 680 680 or fill in our contact form

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