Bonding of polyethylene and polypropylene: a new odorless adhesive

Permabond TA 4631, odourless MMA structural adhesive for bonding PE and PP

Industrial adhesive specialists know it well: polyolefins, and in particular polyethylene and polypropylene, are part of the “bonding black list”, and are said to be impossible to bond without extensive surface preparation.

Several surface treatments exist and are commonly used in industry : plasma, corona, flame treatment, primer, etc. They are indeed effective, but they can lengthen process times and often require both a significant investment and the installation of bulky equipment on the line of production.

In the last years, manufacturers of MMA adhesives have been developing adhesives specially adapted for these two substrates. Permabond was one of the first to market the references TA4610 and TA4611, which allowed PE and PP to be bonded without any prior surface treatment.

However, one of the well-known drawback of MMA adhesives is their strong, unpleasant odor. Although they are non-toxic, users of these adhesives can find the use of these adhesive uncomfortable.

Permabond is innovating once again by developing the first MMA structural adhesive : Permabond TA4631, especially designed for bonding PE and PP, that is also odorless, in order to improve user comfort. In addition to good adhesion to polyolefins, this new product also exhibits excellent adhesion to other substrates such as metals, composites and most plastics (including POM and PTFE/Teflon).

Focus on Permabond TA 4631 :

 Bicomposant 1:1 / Jeu maxi. 0,5 mm / Viscosité 25 000 mPa.s / Temps de travail 4-6 min. / Résistance au cisaillement max. 7 Mpa / Température :-30 à 120°C
 Two-part, low odor structural acrylic adhesive “special PE and PP”, fast curing

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