Born2Bond LC177: The Key Ally for UV Bonding in Luxury Packaging

The production of luxury flasks requires a high degree of precision and excellence. The use of cutting-edge technology is fundamental to guarantee exceptional quality. In this context, UV bonding plays a crucial role, and among the adhesives available on the market, Born2Bond™ LC177 stands out for its unique features.

The Product: Born2Bond LC177


Born2Bond™ LC177 is an instant UV acrylic adhesive in gel form. A specific characteristic that makes it indispensable in the luxury packaging sector is its non-classification as a CMR substance (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Reprotoxic). This means that Born2Bond LC177 is not only effective but also safe to use.

In addition to its composition, this adhesive has a UV tracer. This means it can be visualized under UV light, greatly facilitating quality control. This feature makes it easy to detect any imperfections or defects in the bonding process, thus ensuring impeccable quality of the final product.


Features of Born2Bond LC177


Born2Bond LC177 has impressive features that make it ideal for luxury packaging. Its viscosity is 120,000 mPa.s, which gives it a perfect sticking capacity without flowing. Its tensile strength is also impressive, with an index of 11 MPa, guaranteeing a strong and lasting bond.

Furthermore, Born2Bond LC177 has an elongation of 200%. This means it can be stretched up to twice its initial length without breaking, providing great flexibility during bonding. Its temperature resistance is also noteworthy, as it can effectively operate at temperatures ranging from -55 to +120°C.

Applications of Born2Bond™ LC177


  • Luxury perfume assembly: High-end perfume bottles can have complex designs with elements in glass, metal, and plastic.
  • UV bonding, using products like Born2Bond LC177, allows these different materials to be assembled reliably and durably, ensuring the durability of the final product.
  • Mounting crystal caps and stoppers: Luxury packaging often uses crystal caps or stoppers to add a touch of elegance and refinement. UV bonding ensures a secure fixation of these components, without compromising their appearance.
  • Application of decorations and patterns (finishing): Some luxury flasks feature embossed designs or inlays of crystals, pearls, sequins, etc. UV bonding allows these decorative elements to be fixed precisely and durably. Manufacture of multi-layer flasks: Luxury flasks can have multi-layer walls to enhance their aesthetics or to provide additional protection to the product they contain. UV bonding allows these layers to be assembled seamlessly and durably.
  • Assembly of parts in luxury makeup flasks: High-end makeup products such as lipsticks or eyeshadows can have several assembled elements, like mirrors, applicators, product reservoirs, etc. UV bonding is essential to ensure a strong and durable assembly of these components.

Each of these examples shows how UV bonding, using products like Born2Bond LC177, plays a crucial role in the manufacture of luxury flasks, guaranteeing the quality, durability, and aesthetics of these products.

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