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In this more and more challenging world, we all seek to make sustainable choices and keep things simple.
The ability to source multiple products from a single supplier committed to sustainability meets both these requirements.

So imagine designing a revolutionary product for the modern world? How could a supplier like Bostik help you? You could use Bostik’s Born2Bond™ range of specialist adhesives for a number of tasks.

Born2Bond anaerobic threadlocking and holding adhesives offer vibration and corrosion resistance, maximising reliability and safety.
Our range of instant adhesives offers high precision and fast curing solutions for more efficient and effective production processes.

With a focus on user safety and durability, many of these solutions are solvent-free, low odour and low blooming.
For waterproofing, dustproofing and high precision bonding applications, Born2Bond UV-CIPG gasket solutions and high performance HMPUR adhesives are the optimal choice for the demands of advanced industry.

This makes them ideal for applications such as battery cases, where we also find multiple applications for Bostik’s cell and battery module bonds, and other Born2Bond products.

Offering vibration and impact resistance for increased safety, they are designed for cost-effective high-speed automation. In addition, their adaptability on different substrates allows for improved battery performance and increased energy density.

For many components, you can turn to Arkema, the parent company of Bostik. Arkema is a pioneering manufacturer of advanced biocircular materials, offering solutions to multiple markets.

So for specialty chemicals, advanced materials and adhesive solutions – and a commitment to innovation and sustainability that matches yours – Arkema’s Bostik and Born2Bond™ are with you all the way.

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