Cleaning and removing silicone sealant : Dow Corning launches two new products DS-1000 and DS-2025

Samaro and Dow Corning offer new cleaning, non-flammable solutions, that can help you to remove uncured and cured silicone sealant from your tools and workplace.

Cleaning and removing silicone oils, sealants and elastomers from your tools, machinery, containers, pipes or ground can help you:
• To reduce the risk of product contamination
• To improve industrial health and safety
• To improve the performance of your equipment

Dow Corning ® DS-2025 Silicone Cleaning Solvent and Dow Corning ® DS-1000 Aqueous Cleaner Silicone are non-flammable products, with a high flash point and a low viscosity


Dow Corning® DS-2025 Silicone Cleaning Solvent:

  • Rapidly depolymerizes and dissolves cured silicone
  • Reusable up to 10 times
  • Does not contain aromatic or halogenated solvent
  • Compatible with most of plastics and elastomers

Dow Corning® DS-1000 Aqueous Silicone Cleaner:

  • Effectively emulsifies silicone oils, greases and uncured silicone elastomers
  • Effective degreaser in a wide range of manufacturing or processing applications
  • Complies with EU detergent regulation on biodegradability of surfactants

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