Discover our bonding & sealing, lubrication and electronic protection solutions dedicated to the hydrogen market

The fuel cell market is growing rapidly.

Samaro provides with Dowsil®, DuPont-Molykote®, Krytox®, Araldite® products complete solutions and technologies for EV energy storage systems, such as hydrogen storage tanks, fuel cell, membrane sealing, tank connector lubrication

Hydrogen fuel cells are units that facilitate a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity.

Hydrogen from a fuel tank is connected to a continuous source of oxygen, such as air, and passed through the fuel cell, resulting in a chemical reaction that produces electricity and water as a by-product.

The electricity produced can be used for any electrical application, ranging from spacecraft to cars, the extent of which depends on the size of the fuel cell.

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This market page is specially created to highlight our assembly & sealing, lubrication and electrical and electronic protection solutions.
The illustration allows you to find all the applications through strategically placed bullets.

Below the visual, you will find all the applications of the hydrogen market.


3D illustration - Chassis with a clickable chip system.

Hydrogen Applications Overview


Through the Araldite®, Dowsil™, Molykote®, Krytox™ and Permabond® brands, we offer lubrication solutions (lubrication of gas connection joints, lubrication of high-pressure hydrogen tank connectors,…) sealing solutions (fuel cell membrane sealing) but also heat dissipation solutions for battery packs…

Lubrication - Powertrain
Stack sealing
Filament winding
Lubrication O-ring assembly for gaz connexion
Tank connector

Bonding & sealing : 


Lubrication :


Thermal management :


Electric components protection :




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Through the section: Going further, you will be able to find all the news of our partners (Huntsman – Araldite, Dow – Dowsil, DuPont – Molykote, Krytox™) dedicated to the hydrogen market.

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