Discover Socomore Socowipes Multi biocidal wipes, used for both hand washing and surface preparation.

Before applying adhesive or lubricant, it is imperative to ensure that the surface is perfectly clean. Indeed, proper preparation is essential to guarantee the effectiveness and durability of these applications. This is where Socomore Socowipes Multi biocidal wipes prove to be indispensable allies. They provide a complete and convenient solution to ensure optimal hand cleanliness and impeccable surface preparation. Whether it’s removing residues, contaminants, or impurities, these innovative wipes are specially designed to meet these crucial requirements. In this article, we will detail the numerous advantages of these versatile biocidal wipes.

Fast and effective action


Socomore Socowipes Multi wipes act quickly on all surfaces, offering an effective solution to eliminate all types of dirt. Whether it’s glue, putty, uncured paint, oil, tar, soot, grease, bitumen, expanding foam, or ink, these wipes tackle all stains

Resilient and textured fabric

Socowipes Multi wipes are made with highly durable fabric, ensuring their longevity and effectiveness during use. Moreover, their soft texture allows for scratch-free cleaning, preserving surface integrity.


Integrated and ready-to-use solution

With Socomore Socowipes Multi wipes, you have an integrated solution to eliminate all types of residues. No need for soap and water, these wipes act “dry,” making them practical and easy to use in any situation.


Versatile usability

These wipes are well-suited for use in on-site workshops as well as mobile applications on construction sites or in intervention vehicles. They meet the needs of various industrial sectors, such as manufacturing, construction, and mechanics

Safety and ergonomics

Socowipes Multi wipes are gentle on the hands, causing no irritation or sensitization. Moreover, they are delicately scented, providing a pleasant user experience. Their size of 20 x 20 cm makes them suitable for all purposes, ensuring optimal coverage during cleaning.


No transportation or storage constraints

Thanks to the absence of hazardous labeling, you can transport and store Socowipes Multi wipes without any constraints. They are safe and easy to use in any situation.


Biocidal effectiveness in compliance with standards


Biocidal Effect Standards Times Target Organisms
Fungicidal EN 1650 1 min Candida albicans
Bactéricide EN 1276 1 min Candida albicans
Aspergillus brasiliensis
Fungicidal EN 1650 5 min Candida albicans
Aspergillus brasiliensis


Socomore Socowipes Multi biocidal wipes provide a comprehensive and convenient solution for cleaning and disinfection in the industrial sector. Their fast and effective action on all surfaces, resilient and textured fabric, as well as their versatility in use, make them indispensable for eliminating all types of dirt. Their ready-to-use formula, without the need for soap and water, simplifies the cleaning process, whether on-site in workshops or during mobile applications on construction sites. Additionally, their safety and ergonomics, combined with their biocidal effectiveness in compliance with applicable standards, make Socowipes Multi wipes an ideal choice for maintaining hygienic and safe working conditions. Choose Socomore Socowipes Multi wipes and enjoy a comprehensive solution for optimal cleanliness in the industrial sector.

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