Dow Corning introduced a new encapsulant and two new conformal coatings for the LED protection applications.

Dow Corning, a global leader in silicones, introduced one new transparent silicone encapsulant and two new without UV dye conformal coatings silicone for the lighting market and for LED protection applications.


  • Dow Corning EI-1184, for the potting of LED lighting applications, delivers a high transparency and a non-yellowing resistance. This two-part silicone encapsulant offers reliable, long-lasting protection of sensitive LED electronics in harsh environmental conditions. This new potting has a high moisture resistance, an ultraviolet (UV) light resistance, a thermal cycling and extreme temperatures resistance.All of these benefits makes that the new Dow Corning EI-1184 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor lamp and luminaire applications such as architectural and landscape lighting, light bars and strips.

    Dow Corning’s new silicone encapsulant comes as a simple, two-part liquid component kit that requires a simpler 1:1 mix ratio unlike others organics chemistries. This not only reduces the potential for error during preparation, but also makes it easier for manufacturers to control quality and simplifies the process.

    The new Dow Corning EI-1184 is available in 1 kg kit, 36kg kit and 360 kg kit.

  • Dow Corning CC-2570 and Dow Corning CC-2571 are two transparent silicone-based conformal coatings without UV dye that eliminates potential fluorescence issues due to an UV exposition of outdoor lighting applications.Based on the silicone technology, these one part RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanization)silicone conformal coatings offers a high moisture resistance, an ultraviolet (UV) light resistance, a thermal cycling and extreme temperatures resistance, to protect the electronics boards (PCB) for the lighting market.

    The main difference between these new conformal coating concerns the viscosity: 1 000 mPa.s for the Dow Corning CC-2570 against 75 mPa.s for the Dow Corning CC-2571.

    These two new varnishes are available in 3.6 kg pail or in 18.1 kg pail.

You will find all the products dedicated for the lighting market in our specific lighting brochure available in free download here.

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