Electrolube’s ER2223 Resin Safeguards the Stator in Next Generation E-Vehicles

In the ever-evolving world of electric vehicles, Electrolube is meeting the growing demands of motor manufacturers with their groundbreaking ER2223 resin, designed to protect the stator in next-generation electric vehicles. With exceptional features and versatility, the ER2223 resin offers an advanced solution for electrically insulating stator coils while withstanding refrigerants and rigorous environmental conditions.

Electrolube ER2223 Features


Electrolube’s ER2223 resin boasts a range of outstanding features that make it the ideal choice for demanding automotive applications. Here are some of its key features:

  • Optimal chemical protection: The ER2223 resin effectively withstands various types of oils and cooling fluids commonly used in the automotive industry. Its special formulation provides exceptional chemical resistance, ensuring reliable protection of electronic components against aggressive chemicals found in the engine compartment.
  • Wide temperature range: With an operating temperature range from -40°C to +180°C, the ER2223 resin can withstand the extreme conditions encountered under the vehicle’s hood. Whether it’s the high temperatures generated by the motor or freezing temperatures during winter driving, the ER2223 resin maintains its properties to ensure optimal protection.
  • Thermal cycling resistance: Electric motors often experience repeated thermal cycles, transitioning between high temperatures and ambient temperatures. The ER2223 resin is designed to withstand these temperature variations, offering consistent stability and protection to electronic components.

Electrolube ER2223 applications


Electrolube’s ER2223 resin finds critical applications in the automotive field. Here are a few examples where the ER2223 resin excels:

  • Electrical insulation of stator coils: The ER2223 resin is specially designed to provide electrical insulation to the ends of stator coils, ensuring reliable and safe operation of the electric motor. With its chemical resistance and thermal stability, it effectively protects the coils from external influences, guaranteeing optimal performance.
  • Under-the-hood applications: Conditions under the vehicle’s hood are extremely demanding. The ER2223 resin is ideal for under-the-hood applications, offering superior protection against chemicals present in the engine environment while maintaining its properties across a wide temperature range.
  • Sensitive electronic components: With the increasing sophistication of electronic systems in electric vehicles, the ER2223 resin plays a crucial role in protecting sensitive electronic components. Automotive electronic systems rely heavily on interconnectivity, and a failure in one assembly can compromise the operation of other components. Thanks to its excellent adhesion to various substrates and chemical resistance, the ER2223 resin provides reliable and long-lasting protection to electronic components, preventing potential failures.


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Electrolube’s ER2223 resin is the ideal solution for safeguarding the stator in next-generation electric vehicles. With its exceptional features, including optimal chemical protection, a wide temperature range, and thermal cycling resistance, it offers reliable and durable protection in the most demanding conditions. Whether it’s for electrical insulation of stator coils or safeguarding sensitive electronic components, trust Electrolube and the ER2223 resin to ensure the protection of your electrical systems in the electric vehicles of tomorrow.

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