Electronics Protection: Samaro Releases Its New Selector Guide!

Samaro®works daily with its partners to offer all-in-one conformal coating solutions.

Key players in this field, our partners Dow Corning® Electronics and Electrolube® offer a complete range of products to meet your expectations.

To ensure long-lasting performance, Samaro® offers a range of products engineered to withstand environmental challenges. As the electrical performance of printed PCBs is constantly evolving, the main protection requirements are:

• corrosion-inducing atmospheric humidity;
• electrostatic attraction of dust;
• salt-spray environments;
• heat, etc.

The new Conformal Coatings Selector Guideis the ideal source for answers to all your questions! It contains all the various types of PCB conformal coatings for:

Sealing applications , with a range of:

Coating applications with a range of conformal coatings:

Encapsulation (coating)/Potting (filling) applications , with a range of encapsulants:

Samaro® also works with partners who provide industrial coatingand encapsulation dispensing machines suited to your processes. 

Download the Conformal Coatings Selector Guide here.

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