How do you eliminate noise, squeaking and vibration in the vehicle interior?

Nowadays and for the past few decades, the automotive industry has made the reduction of engine, wind and road noise a major priority in order to improve comfort. Background noise levels continue to decrease, making the squeaks, ticks and rattles generated by the many components inside and outside the vehicle increasingly noticeable and annoying to users.

The reduction of NVH (squeaks, rattles, …) is becoming more and more important with the emergence of electric / hybrid vehicles.

NVH engineers routinely rely on Krytox™ lubricants to solve noise problems inside the vehicle related to instrument panels, center consoles, latches and locks as well as outside with door, trunk lid and weather stripping seals, sunroofs and suspension bushings.

Why Krytox™ lubricants?

  • Unlike hydrocarbon-based lubricants, Krytox™ lubricants are chemically inert and compatible with all plastics, elastomers and fabrics used in automotive construction, as well as all automotive paint and varnish systems. Therefore, Krytox™ lubricants will not compromise the appearance or mechanical integrity of any component or surface with which they come in contact.
  • The low volatility of Krytox™ products allow them to resist drying over time. As a result, Krytox™ lubricants perform for the life of the vehicle.
  • Krytox™ products are resistant to water washout, salt spray, as well as steam, detergents and other car wash chemicals that physically remove other lubricants over time.
  • Krytox™ greases and oils provide a thick lubricating film to separate parts and prevent them from squeaking, vibrating and making noise during vehicle operation.

Create unique car interiors

The materials used (metal, textiles, leather, elastomer, glass, polymer,…) in automotive interiors are selected for their surface aspect, their colorability and their dimensional stability.

The use of different materials combined with an increased demand to eliminate noise, squeaking and shaking.

Design engineers are faced with the challenge of using and touching different materials in the car interior without generating annoying noise. Quieter interiors and quality finishes are a must for modern vehicles.

Performance comparison of lubricants

Reduce noise, vibration, benefits of Krytox™ lubricants

Vehicle interiors and elimination of annoying noise

Krytox™ lubricants are commonly used to reduce friction and rubbing. They reduce or eliminate noise, squealing and grinding.
Typical application areas for Krytox™ lubricants include:

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