How to avoid browsing or stick slips on surfaces (slides): Molykote® D-321R

Molykote® D-321R, dry-film lubricant (MoS2-filled) frequently used on hard-to-reach surfaces or for emergency lubrication.

What is the purpose of an anti-friction coating?

An anti-friction coating ensures dry, clean lubrication unaffected by dust, dirt and moisture (lifetime lubrication in most cases).

An anti-friction coating can be compared to an industrial paint in which the colour pigment has been replaced by solid lubricant particles.

The role of an anti-friction coating is to provide long-lasting corrosion protection and effective lubrication.

Typical applications for Molykote® D-321R

Molykote D-321R developed by Molykote is a dry lubricant that cures at room temperature.
Its MoS2 composition offers optimal lubrication under very high loads, and limits stick slip.

It can be used as :

  • Anti-friction coating for metal/metal combinations at medium speed under heavy loads,
  • Permanent lubrication of heavily loaded guide rails at low speeds, in oscillating movement or intermittent operation,
  • Improvement of the running-in process, Lubrication under vacuum and at extreme temperatures, Cylinder head bolts, Toaster slides, Car mirror adjustment mechanisms, High voltage circuit breakers, Running-in of highly stressed gears,
  • Emergency lubricant for wind turbines,
  • Cold extrusion of steel (avoids streaks)

The advantages of Molykote® D-321R Anti-friction Coating are demonstrated in the video below:

Characteristics & technical properties of Molykote® D-321R

  • Air-curing MoS2 filled dry bonded varnish,
  • Fast polymerisation at room temperature,
  • Protection against grazing,
  • High resistance to ageing
  • Long-lasting lubrication, ideal for maintenance in dusty environments and lubrication at very low temperatures (down to -180°C)

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