How to combine performance and simplicity for vacuum casting?

Allier performance et simplicité pour la coulée sous vide grâce à la PR7 Séries de Synthene

Synthene offers a simple and practical range to meet all your needs for the realization of rigid parts in vacuum casting. You can find all you need to know in this article: Synthene – Vacuum casting

Based on the technology already proven for the PR700, the PR7 Series offers the great advantage of a single isocyanate for 4 systems with different properties.

With a single isocyanate: Synthene PR7-XX, and a shelf life of 18 months, the PR7 series allows for optimal stock management with adapted packaging: 1kg and 5kg for the different products.

Mixing ratio:

Synthene PR700: vacuum casting resin par excellence. Simulating an ABS, black, with a flexural modulus of 2300Mpa, this resin also offers a very good temperature resistance: 130°C.

Synthene PR777 : Semi-rigid resin similar to HDPE or PP. (1000 Mpa flexural modulus) With an intermediate stiffness, it has a very good impact resistance and a mixing ratio PR777Polyol + PR7XX Iso of 1/1.

Synthene PR740 : Semi-flexible, alternative to the old PR891. Very easy to use, it has a good colorability. With a simple mixing ratio (100/120) it allows to realize parts with a great flexibility, up to the hinge effect.

Synthene PR750 : THE reference high temperature resin (HDT of 150°C) that can be colored. It flows very easily (viscosity of about 1000mPas.s) while remaining slightly flexible (2200Mpa modulus of lesion)

En résumé :

Products POLYOL PR7XX ISO Viscosity Mpa.s Module Contretype HDT (°C)
Synthene PR740 120 100 1000 590 PEHD/PP 96
Synthene PR777 100 100 715 930 PEHD/PP 110
Synthene PR700 80 100 600 2300 ABS 130
Synthene PR752 60 100 1000 2200 ABS/PEEK 150

The low aggressiveness of these resins makes them ideal for vacuum casting, allowing the production of 30 to 40 parts in a polyaddition silicone mold (RTV 4234-T4).

The very short demolding time allows to increase the production rate of the parts: demolding between 45 and 60min at 70°C.

Health and safety: All Synthene PR7 series products (Synthene PR740, Synthene PR777, Synthene PR700, Synthene PR752) are mercury free, non CMR, and meet the requirements of European Directives: 2011/65/EU (RoHS), 2002/96/EC, 2000/53/EC, 2000/11/EC.

These different products are compatible with the SYNFILL-G Charge. Questions about the Synthene SYNFILL-G ? Find our dedicated article : Synfill-G from Synthene, the new glass fibre filler for reinforcement

Example of compatibility: Synthene PR700 + Synthene SYNFILL-G

Synthene PR-700 : Black resin intended for the production of prototypes or small series. Any need for the production of parts requiring high thermal resistance and/or high mechanical properties.

Contretype ABS
Synthene PR-700
Flexion modulus (MPa) 1700 2700 3000 3400
Maximum flexion stress (MPa) 70 92 95 105
Viscosity 600 1000 110 1300
Deflection temperature under load (°C) 130/B 118/A 136/A 142/A


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