How to lubricate telescopic cranes with Molykote® greases?

Lubrication of telescopic cranes with Molykote®.


Specialist transport hire companies are looking for durable and resistant greasing solutions to the problem of grease migration on telescopic crane booms. This problem is common in sectors such as public works, the wind industry, the marine and shipbuilding industries, etc.

The migration of grease on the telescopic boom of cranes poses an ecological and environmental safety problem as the grease falls to the ground. This leads to increased relubrication frequencies, which increases costs and, in addition, gives the company a bad image.


Solutions to prevent fat migration.


The Molykote® range of adhesive greases is an effective solution to prevent grease migration on telescopic cranes. The key to the effectiveness of this range is the adhesion enhancing additive that these greases have. We can cover all customer needs with this range, which has both white and black greases. These solutions cover all possible requirements for the indicated application:


Benefits of Molykote® lubrication


With this range, it is possible to increase the frequency of lubrication with the following advantages :

  • No detachment on the lubrication surface.
  • Long-lasting, weather-resistant lubrication.
  • Protection against wear, corrosion and oxidation.
  • High load capacity and strong surface adhesion.
  • High operating temperature.
  • Designed to withstand high vibration.
  • Excellent for low temperatures.
  • More durable than conventional EP (extreme pressure) greases.


Other possible applications on telescopic cranes


Thanks to the wide range of Molykote® products, we can lubricate all lubrication points of a telescopic crane.


Molykote® Multilub



Molykote® 1122 Spray



Molykote® Multigliss


Degreaser, Penetrant and Lubricant for bolts, shackles and screws in general.

In addition to cranes, Molykote® lubricants have been used for the successful lubrication of pipes in rock drilling machines, industrial furnaces, roller coaster parts and bearings.


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