Improving the performance of rubber seals with specialised lubricants

Rubber seals play a pivotal role in various mechanical systems, including pumps, compressors, engines, and precision equipment. They also find extensive use in sealing applications, such as automotive sunroofs. To achieve optimal performance from these seals exposed to aggressive fluids or gases, the choice of high-quality lubricants is essential. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of lubrication in rubber seal applications and introduce our high-performance lubricants, Molykote® and Krytox™, designed to enhance seal efficiency and longevity.

The Critical Role of Lubrication in Rubber Seals: Whether a seal operates statically or dynamically, our range of high-performance lubricants plays a crucial role in providing excellent functionality. These lubricants can be precisely tailored to the operating temperature of a seal and the specific chemical environment it encounters. This inherent adaptability ensures that seals made from diverse materials and intended to function under various environmental conditions can be meticulously designed to meet demanding performance standards.


Market Trends and Opportunities:

In 2021, the global market for rubber seals and gaskets reached a valuation of approximately 50 billion euros, with a projected annual growth rate of 4.1% over the next decade. This growth can be attributed to the increasing use of advanced materials in seal production, particularly for critical applications in aerospace, medical, and chemical processing fields. In response, seal manufacturers are urgently seeking innovative lubrication solutions that not only enhance operational efficiency but also offer cost-saving benefits, thereby ensuring a competitive edge in this expanding industry.

Meet Samaro’s High-Performance Lubricants:


At Samaro, we provide high-performance lubricants, Molykote® and Krytox™, offering exceptionally long lifespan and outstanding properties for superior rubber seal lubrication. Some of the advantages of using Molykote® and Krytox™ high-performance lubricants for seal lubrication applications include:

  • Survivability in Extreme Temperatures and Water Resistance
  • Consistent Performance Throughout the Seal’s Lifespan, Preventing Damage or Seal Failures
  • Non-Harmful to Plastics or Elastomers, Extensive Elastomeric Compatibility
  • Non-Corrosive to Metals
  • Non-Oxidizing
  • Extended Lubricant Lifespan Due to Low Volatility and Minimal Off-Gassing
  • Non-Hazardous and Non-Toxic
  • Indefinite Shelf Life When Unopened and Stored in a Clean, Dry Environment
  • Minimal Environmental Footprint; No Harm to the Atmosphere or Ozone Layer
  • Suitable for Spray Application
  • Resistant to Acidic or Caustic Cleaners and Disinfectants, Steam, and Moisture


Maximize Cost Savings and Improve Performance:

Lubricating rubber seals with Molykote® 111, a silicone compound, ensures robust resistance to a wide range of chemicals and exceptional hydrophobic properties. This lubricant is particularly suitable for outdoor equipment exposed to water and challenging environmental conditions. Its durability extends to applications involving pressure fittings, control valves, and vacuum systems, preventing O-rings from adhering to metal surfaces.

On the other hand, Krytox™ NRT 8906, a high-performance grease, excels in high-temperature environments. It is an excellent choice for lubricating rubber seals, valves (used with specific gases, including oxygen), vacuum pumps, engines, and bearings. Its exceptional film-forming properties and non-reactive nature guarantee optimal lubrication and protection.

Beyond rubber seals, discover how our high-performance lubricants can effectively reduce thread failures, maintain airtight integrity in autoclave doors, and optimize valve and bearing performance.

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Lubricating rubber seals with specialized high-performance lubricants is crucial for achieving cost savings, enhancing operational efficiency, and ensuring seal quality and safety. If you want to learn more about the Molykote® or Krytox™ range, please contact our technical team at +33 426 680 680 or fill out our contact form. Download our selection guide to explore the best lubrication solutions for your specific needs. Stay ahead in the rapidly growing rubber seal industry with Samaro's innovative lubrication solutions.
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