Krytox™ High-Performance Lubricants for Unmatched Equipment Reliability

In the world of industry, lubricants play a pivotal role in maintaining the efficiency of machinery and equipment. The use of Krytox™ lubricants can shield your business from unexpected downtime and protect your equipment from unnecessary breakdowns.

70% of Mechanical Failures Are Linked to Lubrication Issues


When selecting materials for new product specifications, the temptation often lies in opting for the most “common” or cost-effective choices. However, it’s essential to consider the contribution of lubrication in terms of performance within mechanical systems. Though lubricants typically occupy a modest volume within these systems, their role in operational efficiency is paramount. In fact, according to research conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and published in “Machinery Lubrication,” a staggering 70% of mechanical failures can be attributed to lubrication issues. Similarly, a study by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers revealed that an investment of 920€ in lubrication improvements yielded an average savings of 36 800€—a remarkable ROI of 3,900%.

By harnessing the power of Krytox™ High-Performance Lubricants, you can proactively safeguard your equipment against breakdowns, optimizing cost-effectiveness and performance enhancement. This approach enables you to reap the benefits of a highly effective return on investment. Specifically designed to excel in challenging conditions and extended service intervals, Krytox™ Lubricants overcome the typical challenges posed by traditional petroleum-based materials and contemporary synthetics, including diesters, polyalkylene glycols, and polyalphaolefins.

Krytox™ high performance PFPE greases and oils

Common Lubrication Challenges


  • Temperature: The majority of petroleum-based greases begin to degrade at temperatures above 100°C. Synthetic lubricants are susceptible to high-temperature degradation, while some silicone-based lubricants lack the stability required to withstand extremes.
  • Oxidation: Traditional lubrication is susceptible to degradation through oxidation. The consequences of oxidation include increased maintenance costs, component failures, heightened viscosity, and shortened life cycles.
  • Contamination: Water, acids, solvents, and caustic chemicals can contaminate conventional lubricants, severely impacting performance. Lubricant contamination can lead to a loss of lubricity, increased viscosity, sludge formation, and surface cracking.

Choose Krytox™ for High-Performance Reliability


Krytox™ Lubricants directly address and counteract the common challenges associated with traditional lubrication. Leveraging a unique and innovative perfluoropolyether chemistry, Krytox™ Performance Lubricants excel in the most demanding conditions. Moreover, Krytox™ oils and greases are non-toxic, non-flammable, and inert.

Krytox™ general purpose lubricants have been shown to last over 5,000 hours without failure compared to just 1,000 hours for petroleum-based lubricants – even at high temperatures.

The Krytox™ range is renowned for:

  • Extreme Temperature Stability: Krytox™ products maintain their lubricity and resist degradation across a broad temperature range, from -75 to 350°C. Even in applications with operating temperatures of approximately 270°C, Krytox™ greases remain oxidation-free.
  • Resistance to Oxidation: Krytox™ Lubricants resist oxidation, thereby mitigating increased maintenance costs and component failures associated with this phenomenon.
  • Resistance to Contamination: Krytox™ oil and grease are non-reactive to virtually all commonly used industrial chemicals, ensuring long-lasting lubrication and minimizing the risk of component failure, maintenance expenses, and waste.


By choosing Krytox™ High-Performance Lubricants, you not only protect your valuable equipment from potential failures but also enhance their overall performance, all while experiencing substantial cost savings. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to discover the tangible advantages that Krytox™ can bring to your industrial operations.

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