KRYTOX™ XHT-BDZ used for the maintenance of your reflow soldering furnace

Chemical resistant bearing grease: KRYTOX™ XHT-BDZ

Reflow oven, definition :

A reflow oven is used for the production of electronics and electronic components. Reflow ovens are used for PCB assembly, LED assembly, RFID cards, etc. Reflow ovens ensure a uniform temperature in all areas even at higher throughput.

KRYTOX™ XHT-BDZ ideal for the maintenance of your reflow ovens

Krytox™ XHT-BDZ is known and recognised by furnace manufacturers. Krytox™ XHT-BDZ is used for specific metal and alloy contacts and to avoid micro-corrosion. Krytox™ XHT-BDZ is a very high temperature grease (-5 to +360°C) and withstands peaks of 400°C which ensures continuous and smooth movement (no jerking) and allows precise positioning of the boards and ensures precision soldering.

Evaporation test at 310°C

Application type :

Krytox™ XHT-BDZ is used for the lubrication of the reflow oven screw (part #7448 or #4001).

Packaging available :

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In addition:

Samaro and its partner Heraeus offer you a range of solder pastes with or without lead and finally the “no clean”:

With lead
Heraeus lead alloy solder pastes or creams are available in Sn63Pb 37 and Sn62Pb36Ag2 alloys. The range also includes special “anti-Manhattan” alloys. For special applications (small diameter “Au” wire bonding) halogen-free versions are available.

Heraeus lead-free (RoHS) soldering creams are available in various SnAgCu and SnAg3.5 eutectics. The range also includes the InnoRel, SolderPro and low temperature alloy series.

No cleanSolder pastes/creams that do not require prior cleaning of the electronic board.

Example of applications / products :

HERAEUS F 645 Innolot-89M3 Pot de 500 gTypical applications are new propulsion concepts such as hybrid, electric and green energies such as wind turbines and photovoltaics. Other e mobility applications include electric scooters and bicycles, power steering, start & stop systems and electric power control units. Power electronics are typically implemented on ceramic substrates (DBC) or lead frames

HERAEUS F 645 Innolot-89M3, is a lead-free, no-clean, halogen-free solder paste with Innolot alloy, powder type 3, for high-voltage, high-current applications with very high reliability criteria

HERAEUS F 645 SAC305 -89M40, is a lead-free, no-clean, halogen-free solder paste with SA3OC5 alloy, powder type 4 for high voltage, high current applications with very high reliability criteria

More information :

Need more information about Krytox™ lubricants or Heraeus solder pastes? Contact our technical department on +33 426 680 680 or fill in our contact form.

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