Lubrication of the actuators and motors of car rearview mirrors.

Discover the Molykote® range of lubricants dedicated to the automotive sector.

DuPont™ Molykote® has developed a Smart Lubrication™ product line specifically for automotive applications. In this article, we’ll focus on products used to lubricate power mirror actuators and motors.

Automotive designers are developing retractable and adjustable mirrors through actuator-triggered mechanisms.

The motor and actuators of the mirrors are developed to be the most efficient and quietest in all conditions. To meet these NVH requirements (noise, squealing, vibration) a lubrication adapted to the requirements is essential.

Below a selection of Molykote® lubricants already proven in the automotive industry and especially for the lubrication of actuators and motors of exterior rearview mirrors :

The standard product used

Molykote® EM-30L Grease, is a high performance silicone grease for plastic/plastic and plastic/metal combinations at slow to medium speeds under moderate to high loads. Wide temperature range (-45°C to +150°C)

Additional requirements

High load capacity

Molykote® YM-103 Grease est une graisse hautes performances pour combinaisons métal/métalmétal/plastiques et plastique/plastique , Vitesse élevéeTrès fortes charges. Molykote® YM-103 Grease propose une lubrification longue durée de par sa faible tendance à l’oxydation et une excellente résistance à l’eau.

Noise reduction

Molykote® EM-50L Grease is a high performance grease for metal/metal, metal/plastic and plastic/plastic combinations, high speed, very high loads. Molykote® YM-103 Grease offers long life lubrication due to its low oxidation tendency and excellent water resistance.


Molykote® G-1056 Grease is a grease designed for the lubrication of actuators, ensuring smooth movement. Molykote® G-1056 Grease reduces oil separation and is non-steaning on painted surfaces.

Low temperature performance

Molykote® G-1067 Grease is a high performance grease for plastic/metal and plastic/plastic combinations operating at medium to high speeds. Molykote® G-1067 Grease has very good low temperature / water resistance, compatible with most plastics and elastomers.

Low noise, non-staining and high performance at low temperatures: One reference

Molykote® G-1057 Grease is a clear grease, compatible with most plastics with low bleed (non staining on painted surfaces). Molykote® G-1057 Grease ensures smooth movement and reduces operating noise.

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