Mechanical advantage of Voltalef® PCTFE

The benefits of Voltalef® PCTFE oils and greases

The shell Four Ball apparatus is a testing method in order to determine welding and metal loads as well as different friction and wear characteristics of lubricants. The standard test consists of a rotating ball of a ball bearing being pressed onto similar but immobile balls while applying a load.

This device is especially common in the lubricant industry where it is used for routine product development and quality control testing. Wear is determined by the scar diameter measurement.

Due to its molecula structure, PCTFE oil can keep its lubricant behaviour under extrem conditions. As an example, PCTFE Voltalef® 3S can undergo a load of 800 kg instead of 300 kg from a PFPE competitor.

Test conditions are 60 sec at 1500 rpm.

Applications of Voltalef® oils and greases

Thanks to these remarkable properties, Voltalef® oils and greases are used, amongst other things, for the following applications:


1. Lubricants for compressors

Voltalef® oils used as lubricating are recommended for the compressors to high pressure, of great capacity. Compressors where circulate of the organic vapors soiled by HF and HCl are lubricated since years with oils 3S and 10S under conditions where ordinary mineral oils break up, gum and would require a prohibitory cost of maintenance. Voltalef® oils which resist oxidation well, even at high temperature and pressure can be used in the presence of pure oxygen. Their non-inflammability is an additional advantage for the dangerous applications.


2. Hydraulic fluids

Voltalef® oils are non flammable hydraulic fluids which offer very guaranteed safety. Thanks to their chemical inertia and to their thermal stability, these fluids can enter circuits exposed to reagents as violent one as the nitric acid smoking or the concentrated hydrogen peroxide.

3. Fluids for pumps

Voltalef® oils solve the most difficult problems of atomic industry, as chemically inert and stable fluids at the temperature.


4. Damping fluids

Voltalef® oils are excellent fluids shock absorbers, in consequence of their high density, of their shear strength and their inertia with respect to oxidants or metals. By adjusting viscosity, the point melting or the density with the desired values one obtains fluids shock absorbers adapted well to all kinds of apparatuses, from large gyrometers to tiny instruments of navigation.


5. Heat transfer fluids

The relatively high coefficient of distillation of oils supports the natural convection in the heat transfers. Their chemical inertia and their thermal stability ensure these oils a prolonged service.


6. Lubricants for valves and plug cocks

Voltalef® oils are also used for apparatuses out of ceramics or glass. The use as of the these lubricants removes the risks of seizing or leakages as well of the taps as of the valves with hands or automatics, in direct contact with hot water, the vapor, or of the corrosive chemicals: acids, bases, halogens, oxidants…

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