New Range of Permabond adhesives for the Bonding of Carbon Fiber Composites

Industrial adhesives specialists Samaro and Permabond innovate with a new range of adhesives specially engineered for the bonding of carbon fiber composites.

Permabond has re-engineered its range of epoxy adhesives  to meet a recurring industrial need and provide solutions to the challenges of bonding composite parts.

Permabondhas recently developed new one-part and two-part adhesives that bond carbon fiber composite parts.

These new products allow most surfaces to be bonded without the need for inconvenient surface-preparation work and offer excellent mechanical properties, including resistance to high temperatures.

Whether you’re looking for a fast-setting or a slow-curing adhesive, high pull-off strength, good gap-filling capabilities, low shrinkage or high temperature resistance, Permabond has the solution.

A partial list of these new products is provided below:

  •   Permabond ES5681, a one-part heat-cure epoxy adhesive that resists temperatures up to 180°C (356°F).
  •   Permabond two-part epoxy adhesives ET5428(low viscosity, fast set) and ET5429 (pasty, slow set).
  •   Hybrid epoxy adhesives MT382(low viscosity) and MT3821(pasty) for flexible bonds.
  •   Permabond ET5429two-part epoxy adhesive (pasty, slow set).

You will find all these products in our Epoxy Adhesives Selector Guide

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