New version of our selection guide Lubrication and industrial maintenance.

The new Lubrication and Industrial Maintenance Selection Guide is now available!


Samaro, regularly publishes specialized selection guides for different industries and different chemistries & technologies. We have over 46 years of experience in the distribution of specialty chemicals. We also have a solid experience in the field of specialty lubricants.

Our knowledge and experience in tribology allows us to provide solutions in static, mixed or hydrodynamic friction for all machine and interface elements, through a wide range of technologies and products for the most advanced industrial sectors as well as for the most demanding maintenance operations.

This new version of our industrial lubrication and maintenance product selection guide still aims to direct you to solutions that have already been proven in industry. Tribology being a complex science, we advise you, in case of doubt, to contact us, so that our technical experts can bring you the support adapted to the requirement of your application.


What’s new in the lubrication & industrial maintenance selection guide :

Update of all the references of the guide.


Special focus on pastes:


Screw joint pastes establish a stable, solid film on the thread flanks and screw heads. They prevent seizure during exposure when used at high temperatures.

Screws :

We have added Krytox® TS4 which is a new PTFE based paste that can be used to replace PTFE tape. It reinforces the sealing against water, steam, natural gas, reagents, liquids.

Forming and machining :

A new DuPont™ reference completes the range of pastes dedicated to forming and machining: the Molykote® P-1042 is a semi-synthetic paste of beige color, it has a high load capacity. Molykote® P-1042 is highly adhesive, resists water washout and machining emulsions, avoids chatter and protects against corrosion and scratches.


Below is a video demonstrating the benefits of anti-seize pastes:

MOLYKOTE® Anti-seize pastes

Autres technologies d’adhésifs

Nous proposons également des produits de collage de différentes chimies. Chacune possédant des caractéristiques particulières lui permettant de s’adapter à un milieu ou à une application spécifique.

Collage étanchéité / usage polyvalent :

Le Bostik® SIMSON ISR 70-03 vient compléter la gamme d’adhésifs polyvalent. C’est une colle MSP sans solvants et sans isocyanates. Il propose une bonne résistance aux UV et adhère à la plupart des matériaux sans primaire même en mileu humide.


Collage pleine surface :

Nous avons ajouté à cette sélection de produits deux colles néoprène Bostik® :

Ces deux références sont adaptées pour l’assemblage de bois, caoutchouc, mousses PU, plastiques, textiles, métaux,… Leurs rendements : entre 120 g/m² et 150 g/m² selon les matériaux.

More info :


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